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USC Athletics

Upper St. Clair High School


USC Athletics

Upper St. Clair High School

USC Athletics

Upper St. Clair High School

Home Exercise Programs

Home Exercise Programs

AHN is proud to provide these Home Exercise Programs (HEPs) to keep our athletes safe and ready to go, regardless of the time of year. Please utilize these HEPs as needed! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to one of your USC’s Athletic Trainers for more information.

Importance of Strengthening

Injury Prevention for Runners

Cool Springs Recovery Handout


Flexibility: Lower Extremity 

Foot & Calf Stretching

Hamstring Stretching

Quad Stretching

Hip Flexor Stretching

Glute & Groin Stretching


Flexibility: Upper Extremity 

Neck Stretching

Shoulder Stretching

Wrist & Elbow Stretching

Mid & Low Back Stretching


Activation Exercises:

Core Activation

Glute Activation

Neck Strengthening

Scapular Activation

Thrower’s Ten Shoulder Strengthening

Foam Rolling


Strengthening Exercises:

Back Strength

Core Stability

Foot & Ankle Strength

Knee & Hip Strength

Proprioceptive Training

Upper Extremity Strength