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USC Athletics

Upper St. Clair High School

USC Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 10:02AM

2024 USC Boys Golf Tryout Information

Upper St. Clair High School

Boys’ Golf Team Tryouts – 2024


The Boys’ Golf Team Tryouts will begin on Monday, August 5, 2024.  This year the scheduled qualifier will consist of four 18-hole rounds, concluding on August 8.  All participants must be present and on time each day.  All participants must register through Healthy Roster and complete their physical form online before August 1, 2024. This information can be found on the Upper St. Clair Athletic Website under the “Healthy Roster” tab. Contact the high school athletic trainers x2362 if you have any questions.  Your Healthy Roster registration MUST be complete prior to tryouts.


Each candidate will pay $100.00 for tryouts.  The check can be made payable to the Upper St. Clair School District.  Please mail or bring your check to the Athletic Office, Attn:  Kim Valeriano, on or before August 1, 2024.  


In order for a senior or junior to make the golf team, they MUST be in the top 6 and 8 respectively.  The next 8 sophomores and freshmen will make the JV team.


You are required to furnish 3 items before you can try out.  Failure to do so by August 1, 2024 could disqualify you from trying out:


  1. A Physical Form, filled out online, signed, and dated correctly.  It must be dated after May 1, 2024

  2. A check for $100.00, made payable to the Upper St. Clair School District

  3. Golf Registration Fee $75– after you make the team.  

Dates and Times for Tryouts

Monday, August 5 – Lindenwood Golf Course – Red to Blue

Tee off at 11:00 am.  The bus leaves at 10:15am from Upper St. Clair High School - upper parking lot. Blue Tees


Tuesday, August 6 – Chippewa Golf Club

Tee off at 8:30am.  The bus leaves at 7:30am from Upper St. Clair High School - upper parking lot. Blue Tees


Wednesday, August 7 – Quicksilver Golf Course

Tee off at 7:00am. The bus leaves at 6:00am from Upper St. Clair High School 

- upper parking lot. White Tees


Thursday, August 8 – Hickory Heights Golf Club

Tee off at 8:30am.  The bus leaves at 7:45am from the Upper St. Clair High School - upper parking lot.


If a tryout/qualifying round is canceled, due to poor weather or other circumstances deemed unacceptable by Coach Flynn, only the rounds played during these four days will count towards the qualifier.


A candidate not able to participate in or complete any qualifying round due to severe illness, injury, family emergency, conflicting golf tournament schedule, missing the bus departure time or other reasons are subject to the decision of Coach Flynn in regards to continued participation in the qualifier.  Furthermore, a “penalty” score will be assigned to your total for any round in which you are absent if, in fact, you are invited to continue in the qualifier.


All golf candidates are required to wear appropriate golf attire.  (i.e., golf shirt with collar and golf slacks or shorts) No exceptions are permitted.  Jeans and t-shirts are never acceptable.  Sweaters and/or jackets will be permitted when necessitated by weather conditions.  Hats will never be worn backwards or inside out.  Cargo style pants and shorts will not be permitted.  You must carry your own clubs each round.  You will travel to and from all bus trips on the school bus unless you have a note signed by the Athletic Department one day in advance.


You can be dismissed from tryouts for the following reasons:


  1. Knowingly not following the USGA Rules of Golf

  2. Not following directions given by the coaching staff

  3. Not wearing appropriate clothing

  4. Leaving the course without permission (except emergencies).

  5. Not adhering to school rules


Coaches Rule:  A multi-stroke penalty shall be assessed for conduct unbecoming of an interscholastic athlete.  Such conduct shall include, but not be limited to:  club throwing; use of abusive or foul language; willful acts which damage property or equipment of the golf course; or other unbecoming conduct as determined by Coach Flynn.  Failure to replace divots or fix ball marks on the greens will be rewarded with a 2-stroke penalty.  All bunkers containing sand or the like must be raked after you have played out.  Second offenses will be dealt with in a severe manner.


Hickory Heights, Lindenwood and Chippewa are public courses and are being used because of their close proximity to Upper St. Clair so that all candidates will have a chance to play/practice.  


Please note:  Those of you who make the Golf Team may be required to miss a number of days of school.  We will also be getting out of school early on a few occasions.  Also, the coaches may limit the amount of jewelry worn and determine the neatness of hair and dress for all members of the varsity and junior varsity teams while they are on the golf course.  All members of the team will be given a list of rules and procedures that must be followed.  If these missed days, early dismissals or coach’s rules present a problem, then you may want to reevaluate trying out.


The United States Golf Association (USGA) RULES OF GOLF will govern all play- only modified by local rules as stated to you by Coach Flynn prior to teeing off.  These USGA Rules include conforming golf balls and clubs.


The USGA One Ball Condition will NOT be in effect for this qualifier.  If you do not know specifically what the “Condition” requires, please read the USGA Rules of GOLF 2012-2015.


The qualifier will be a STROKE PLAY COMPETITION.  You shall record accurately the score of all fellow competitors in your group.  You shall verify each of their scores by signing each scorecard (one per player) kept in your group.  Signed scorecards shall be submitted to Coach Flynn at the conclusion of each round.  All scores will be posted.  


Golf is a sport. It is foremost a sport of honor.  You must respect the game (sport).  You must respect the rules of the game and respect your fellow competitors.  It is your duty and obligation to understand the Rules of Golf as listed by the USGA.  Failure to make the team due to your not understanding the rules is no excuse.  The coaches will call penalties on any infraction of the rules.  It is also incumbent upon you to call any infraction of the rules and resulting penalty on yourself.  All disputes will be settled by Coach Flynn or the Head Golf Professional or by the USGA.


Final Team

If the numbers warrant, there will have to be cuts.


Cumulative score.

A senior must be in the top six.

A junior must be in the top eight.

The next eight sophomores and freshmen will make up the JV squad.


Todd Flynn